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About us is a brand of the Italian knit manufacturer "DiBasso srl."
Our is a family-owned company that has been in the knitting business for three generations. We manufacture for the top Italian brands and designers.

Throws are an extension of our core business. We started producing throws for friends and family. They all liked them and they encouraged us to produce a line for sale.

And here we are, years later selling our throws and blankets online. We offer several different styles and colors. Click on the left to review the throws/blankets and contact us in case you have any questions for us.



You can buy our throws blankets at a discount at the company outlet now open on our premises.

Maglificio Dibasso Srl.
Via Campocroce 14/19; Zona industriale Adrima
30030 - GARDIGIANO DI SCORZE' - (VE) Italy.